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Tips on exploring Flight Paths


This is a digital experience of Flight Paths - an animated Goze called Taki will guide you in four directions, taking you to videos of the physical performance of Flight Paths.

Each video is approximately 15 minutes long, and the whole experience takes approximately an hour.

There is a subtitled version available.

Recommended software

We have tried to make this experience accessible to all. For the best experience we recommend:


For visually impaired users, JAWS with Chrome is the best combination


For visually impaired users, Voice Over with Safari is the best combination


Please turn your phone so it is landscape for a better experience.


First, press the start, or start with subtitles button.

When videos are playing, you can use the space bar to pause/play and the left arrow key to skip forward a few seconds. Press the Escape key to close the videos.

When at the crossroads, you can press an arrow key to choose a direction. If the arrow key doesn't work (this is a known issue with Voice Over), you can tab to the different direction buttons.

We hope you enjoy this experience and welcome your feedback. Please email us at [email protected]


Flight Paths 2020 Team:

  • Artistic Director, Extant: Maria Oshodi
  • Producer & Editor: Nic Sandiland
  • Animator: Dave Packer
  • Web Designer: Tim Jukes
  • Illustrator: Inko Ai Takita
  • Story Board: Maria Oshodi
  • Voice of the Goze: Aya Nakamura
  • Shamisen Strikes: Hibiki Ichikawa
  • Digital Distribution Associate, The Space: Holly Close
  • General Manager, Extant: Rhianne Rowson
  • Marketing Assistant, Extant: Amelia Zhou

Flight Paths (2019) cast and creatives:

  • Co-directors: Maria Oshodi & Kumiko Mendl
  • Writer: Glen Neath
  • Cast: Amelia Cavallo & Sarah Houbolt with Takashi Kikuchi & Victoria Oruwari and Meg Kubota as ‘The Voice’
  • Aerial & Movement: Vicki Amedume
  • Sound: Thor McIntyre-Burnie
  • Audio Technologist: Tarim
  • Designer: Becky Minto
  • Projections: Terry Braun
  • Lighting: Nao Nagai
  • Assistant Director: Julie Osman
  • Production Manager: Stacey Choudbury-Potter
  • Stage Manager: Beatrice Galloway
  • AV programmer: Libby Ward
  • AV operator: Lily Woodford-Lewis
  • Lighting Operator: Steve Lowe
  • Relight: Ellie Whitfield

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